Egyptian-style makeup: CL inspired

Hello! Long time no post 😦 I’ve recently been really focused on growing my instagram page so I haven’t really been posting on my blog, but now I’m going to try and split my time equally between the two πŸ˜€

This look was inspired by a makeup look South Korean rapper CL wore in one of her photoshoots and as soon as I saw it I was obsessed XD It reminds me of the stereo-typical egyptian makeup and considering my last Egyptian makeup look was super successful on Pinterest, I decided to have a shot at another one πŸ™‚

Here is a close up of the look:


Here are the products I used to achieve this:
– NYX Brow Gel in Brunette
– NYX Two Timer liner (the felt tip end as a base for the black on the lid and for the wing in the inner corner)
– Maybelline ‘The Nudes’ palette (the black shadow to set the black liner on my lid and to smoke out the outer half of the bottom lash line)
– A no-brand blue liner I found in my makeup drawer XD Pretty much every brand does coloured liners so it wouldn’t be hard to find a dupe
– A gold shadow by Technic mixed with the Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 208 mixed with the BellaPiere Sultry Illuminator (I know XD) I struggled to decide on the right tone gold sooo I just mixed a bunch and this was the result XD
– Soap and Glory ‘Thick and Fast’ mascara
– Very heavy lashes by Mister Mascara (they don’t have a name -__-)

Here is the full face shot of the look. I added some bling to make it more true to CL’s look XD


I added some highlight and a peachy-pink lip to finish off the look!

Here is the original makeup on the queen CLΒ πŸ’


I really love how dramatic this look is with the little pop of blue and I’m really pleased with how it turned out! 😍

I hope you like this look! If you want to see more follow my instagram @sophieannii! (I’m almost at 200 followersΒ πŸ˜„)

Love Soph x

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