Red Velvet Wendy inspired look

Hello! Today I decided to share this look I created inspired by Red Velvet’s Wendy’s teaser photo for their new song “Russian Roulette” (which I am obsessed with omggg). It feels like ages since I’ve blogged because I’ve been drowing in A-Level work lol.

This is the look I created:


Close up of the eyes:

I really like how simple but girly the makeup is and then the freckles give it extra cuteness πŸ˜†

Makeup products:
– Nyx Brow Gel in Brunette
– Morphe 35B palette
– Barry M Blink Precison eyeliner
– Nyx Lush Lashes XXL mascara
– Makeup Revolution bronzer
– Loreal Paris Le Blush in 120 Sandalwood Pink (lots of this as she has very rosy cheeks!)
– Makeup Revolution lipstick in Dazzle mixed with Avon Colour Trend lipstick in Poppy Love on the lipsΒ 

For the freckles:
– Mehron white cream paint
– Makeup Revolution lipstick in Dazzle
– Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Pink Blush

I went a little ham with the freckles in comparison to the original because I wanted them to be the main focus of the look and Wendy only has a few!

This was the original look:


I hope you like this look! I will definitely be posting more now I’m pretty much caught up on my school work. There will definitely be some Halloween looks coming soon! Love Soph x

Instagram – @sophieanniiΒ 

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