August Beauty Favourites

Hello! Today I decided to share with you my favourite products that I bought in August. 

NYX Lush Lashes XXL mascara


I only bought this product a few days ago but I am already really impressed by it. It is still a bit clumpy because it’s new and you always get a lot of excess product on the wand in new mascaras, but it makes my lashes looks really thick and voluminous. It also keeps them perky after I curl them in a morning which previous mascaras haven’t done.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Addiction

lip liner.jpg

I know this is a lip liner but I use it as a matte lipstick XD  It’s really creamy when you first apply it and is really pigmented. It then dries down to a long lasting matte colour. This is a cheaper alternative to a matte lipstick and I love it!

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-step kit

holika holika.jpg(image from

I have used many blackhead removal kits and this is the best one I’ve tried so far. It clears even the deepest pores in my nose because the first step helps to open the pores and bring out the dirt. The last step is also a nice bonus as it helps sooth your nose as it peeling the strip from step 2 off can leave your nose stinging a little bit. Step 3 helps cool your nose and close your pores. 

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst


I love this lipstick so much! It has a creamy, moisturising formula despite it being a slightly matte finish and it is very pigmented. However the thing I like most about these lipsticks is the bold range of colours that are available. 

Berrisom “My Lip Tint Pack” in Sexy Red


I really love this tint because not only is it a quirky concept but its really long lasting and pigmented. I reviewed this product a few days ago so to see my full opinion on this product click here.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I am hoping to do a style related post soon and maybe a kpop related post so keep an eye out for those if you’re interested… Also don’t forget to follow my instagram @sophieannii for more makeup looks 😉 Love Soph x

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